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Welcome to  Water Pros.  Offering Water Softener & Filtration Systems for Denver, Aurora, Parker, Commerce City, Highlands Ranch CO and the Metropolitan Area!  

We Offer Whole House Water Filtration, Whole House Water Conditioning, Water Softeners, Water Purification, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, Whole House Filters. We Offer the Right Solution To Help Eliminate Rust Stains, Water Odors And General Well Water Problems.

What's In Your Water?


Where Does Your Water Come From?


Now more than ever we need to consider where our water comes from.  Ground Water, Rivers, Lakes, Rain Water Runoff. 


Contaminants in Drinking Water


"PFCs" perfluorinated chemicals, also known as poly-fluorinated chemicals.

"PFASs" per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances

Note: PFOA & PROS are perfluorinated chemicals and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. The EPA choosing to use the acronym PFASs and the CDC is using PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) to discuss PFOA, PFOS and other similar chemicals. 

Source of Contamination: Fire fighting foams, industrial/commercial facilities (Car Washes), Landfills, Waste Water treatment effluent/biosolids.


City Water coming out of the tap; your water is disenfected with Chloramine. (Chlorine mixed with Ammonia) What is Flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain ends up in Your water supply!


Water Pros Smart Computer Water Softener


SENTRY II SERIES 950 Water Softener

Electronic On-Demand Metered System

Your Sentry II Water Softener is equipped with a microprocessor that keeps
track of the amount of water used each day and adjusts itself to match your needs. If you begin using more or less water, the system automatically adjusts to the change in water usage.

This means the water softener is meeting your demands for

conditioned water in a customized way. You don’t have to do a
thing! The system does not regenerate unless it needs to. This
saves you up to 50% in salt and uses less water making it
economical and efficient too. The Sentry II Water Softener uses state of the art
equipment to provide you with a superior product and a continuous supply of conditioned water.


When you use a Sentry II Water Softener your clothes will last longer, and they will maintain their color longer. The clothes will be cleaner and softer too. The washing machine will operate

better and long. You will also save up to 70% in laundry detergent and soap!

Improved washing machine performance The life span of your washing machine will extend with use of a Sentry II Water Softener by preventing mineral buildup and scale.

Improved Dishwasher Performance

Dishwasher performance improves and your dishwasher will last longer because conditioned / soft water prevents scale buildup in the water heater and water lines. Your dishwasher will run smoother and more efficiently.
Reduced spotting  Silverware and glasses will take on a new shine with the Sentry II water softening system. Whether you use an automatic dishwasher or you wash dishes by hand your dishes will be cleaner and you will use less
detergent too.

Water Filtration is not plug and play!  Drinking Water Systems like Reverse Osmosis, have operating parameters that must be followed for proper operation!  Water Pro's is committed to excellence by ensuring all of our Water Filtration, Water Softening, Water Purification and Reverse Osmosis systems are setup to meet the operating guidelines  for the water our equipment is treating.

Water Pros Offers Unique Solutions For Great Tasting Drinking Water!  American Made Reverse Osmosis Systems & Ultra Violet Light Filtration!  The Best 1- 2 punch for Drinking Water Filtration / Quality. Remove contaminants Kills Bacteria and Viruses.  Provide the quality of water your family deserves.

Water Pros Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System


Water Pros Four Stage Reverse Osmosis.  Designed for Ultimate Performance for City Water!  Remove / Reduce the City Water Contaminates.  Powred by a 75 gallon per day Reverse Osmisis membrane, this system will provide your family with 35 gallons per day of "High Quality H2O".   Connect to your fridge ice line for clean clear ice cubes.

Whole House UV Water Filtration & Disinfection


Salt Free Water Conditioner. Non Electric!

Water Pros Whole House Salt Free Water Conditioner.!  Removes Lead, PFC's, PFA's, PFOA, PFOS, Total Chlorine / Chloramines and other Contaminants!  Great tasting water at every faucet!  Options available to Remove Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals.   Whole House Filtration, Non-Electric Water Filtration!

Water Pros Salt Free Whole House Conditioner



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