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Clean Water Services in Denver, CO: Whole Home Water Treatment, Water Filtration Services, Drinking Water Testing & More!

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Colorado to recycle wastewater for drinking to create new supply |

At Water Pros, we specialize in conducting water quality testing and installing, repairing, and maintaining water filtration and softener systems for homes in Denver. With over two decades of experience, we make use of advanced grade water treatment systems, cutting edge technology, and our skillset to provide homes in Denver with custom water treatment solutions. Our goal is to ensure your water supply is free from contaminants, unwanted minerals, odors, and sediment. A one stop solution for ensuring you and your family uses clean and fresh tasting water, our water system repair service in Denver is renowned for its quality.

Get Your Water Tested by Our Water Testing Service in Denver

A clean, safe supply of water is vital for maintaining the health, vitality, and safety of you and your family in Denver. A variety of contaminants and minerals can be present in a water source, leading to water borne diseases and deterioration of appliances. Our water testing service in Denver can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your water, such as the level of microbiological, chemical, and physical elements present in your water. With our water testing service, you can properly identify existing problems, track changes over time, and ensure that your water is suitable for its intended use.

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Prevent Frequent Plumbing Problems by Installing a Water Filter at Your Home in Denver

There are several indications to indicate a contaminated, hard water supply, such as a significant decline in water pressure, tinted water, a funky smell in the water, stains on the surfaces and clothes, or family members having waterborne diseases. Our water filtration system for your home in Denver can help in cutting down your plumbing costs, minimize aggravation of skin conditions, and improve the safety and taste of drinking water. With us on your side, you can reliably, safely install, repair, and maintain a water filtration system for your home in Denver.

Better Water Where It Counts The Most

Protect Your Appliances by Installing a Water Softener in Denver

Our tap water has a host of minerals, including a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. A water softening system essentially eliminates magnesium, calcium, and other minerals from your drinking water, as these chemicals harden your water. At Water Pros, our clean water services are experts in installing, repairing, and maintaining water softening systems for your home in Denver. Equipped with a microprocessor that keeps track of the amount of water used each day and according to your needs, our Sentry II water softener is ideal for removing any unwanted tastes from your water and keeping your family healthy in Denver.

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Industry-Best Water Treatment Products


  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
  • UV Light Filtration
  • Treated Water Holding Tanks
  • Salt-Free Water Filters
  • Well Water Filtration Systems
  • Treated Water Dispensing Fixtures
  • High-Efficiency Water Softeners
  • Computer-Assisted Water Softeners

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With nearly two decades of experience, Water Pros can reliably install custom whole house water filtration and water softening systems, which eliminates harsh chemicals, odors, bacteria, and minerals from your municipal or well water supply in Denver, CO. ). We also offer free water testing to ensure you receive clean, fresh tasting water ideal for cooking, drinking, and bathing. So, call and book a consultation to improve your Denver, CO home’s water quality.

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