Home Buyers Beware!

I Strongly Recommend When Buying a Home, You Have The Water Tested.

Sept. 2017 Arvada, CO.


  This Customer had just purchased this existing home, once they moved in they realized they had very bad water from their well. Their water analysis read like this: Hardness @ 66 gpg, Iron Fe2 @ .01 mg/L, pH @ 7.15,

Alkalinity@ 362 mg/L,

Chloride @ 777 mg/L, Nitrate @ 15 mg/L, Sodium @ 406 mg/L, Sulfate @ 607 mg/L,  TDS @ 2124 mg/L.

For those in the Water Industry, it is easy to see many of the contaminants are well above the EPA's Secondary recommendations.


  The System includes a Spin Down Filter for Sediment removal, a Stenner Chemical Feed system to inject Anti-Scalant and Chlorine (due to their high Sodium content, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, and Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten  egg smell), a BB-20-5 micron Radial Flow Carbon Pre-Filter(to remove Ferric Iron and the Chlorine),a 1200 gpd. Two Pass RO system, 900 gallon Permeate Storage, a Grundfos MQ-3 Repressurization Pump, a Viqua E-4+ Ultra Violet Disinfection System, and a BB-20 Polyphosphate Cartridge to protect the Copper Plumbing in the House. 


 This turned into a $15,000 lesson for this couple, but they now flush their toilets with Bottled Quality Water!


 By; Terry Hughes CWS CI

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