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     With over 20 years experience in the water treatment industry, working in states like Illinois, Nevada, California and Colorado I understand the different levels of problem water.  Well water with its various issues, can be the most challenging.  I have the experience from working with some of the most extreme well water conditions.  

Here in Colorado our municiple water is unlike any in the nation!  Each Community has their own hard water issues.  From Highlands Ranch to Commerce City where we see some of the highest levels hard water in the area.  Parker Colorado has its own unique hard water ranges.  In Parker if you live east or west of Parker Rd. you hard water ranges fluctuate.

From the foothills and throughout  the metro area our communites have there own unique hard water issues as well as some northern cities having naturally soft water.  High Chloramines, Flouride and the concern of pharmaceuticals are other areas where we have expertise. 

I understand our communites water issues!  For a good portion of my 20 years in the water treatment industry here in Colorado, I know what solutions will work for you and your family.

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