Bensalem, Pennsylvania, USA - February 7, 2019; Firefighting foam remains on the ground surface following a tanker truck accident. Aqueous film forming foam AFFF used to fight flammable liquid fires can contain sodium alkyl sulfate, fluorotelomers, perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA or perflourooctanesulfonic acid PFOS.

Whole House PFO/PFA Removal

Water Pros believes in protecting water both now and for future generations in Denver, and PFO and PFA removal plays a vital role. These harmful chemicals must be removed from commercial and residential water systems, as they resist direct oxidation and do not break down naturally in the body. Recent studies suggest that exposure to PFOs may lead to cancer. To ensure the safety of your drinking water in Denver, trust Water Pros to provide thorough removal services.

Finding Potentially Harmful Chemicals in Your Denver Water Supply

Are you unsure about the safety and long term viability of the drinking water at your Denver property? Chemicals impact countless homes and businesses that aren’t even aware, as it’s impossible to tell without the right tests. If you have high concentrations of these chemical compounds, it’s critical that you choose the right PFO and PFA removal services quickly. At Water Pros, we have advanced methods and techniques to identify potential harmful chemicals in your Denver groundwater.

Timely PFO & PFA Removal in Denver

When you find excess levels of these chemical compounds in your Denver water, it’s essential that they are removed quickly and thoroughly. Water Pros has the tools and experience to deliver expert PFO and PFA removal, ensuring the safety of your groundwater going forward. Before our professionals leave your Denver property, we make certain the drinking water is safe throughout your entire property.

Be Proactive About Chemicals in Your Denver Home

Currently, the EPA marks unsafe levels of PFOs and PFAs to be anywhere above 70 parts per trillion, but some experts consider even small levels unsafe. The presence of these chemicals makes your Denver property less safe, posing many different health risks. At Water Pros, we offer comprehensive solutions, from accurate testing to extensive PFO and PFA removal, to make sure your family, friends, or employees are safe in Denver.


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With nearly two decades of experience, Water Pros can reliably install custom whole house water filtration and water softening systems, which eliminates harsh chemicals, odors, bacteria, and minerals from your municipal or well water supply in Denver, CO. ). We also offer free water testing to ensure you receive clean, fresh tasting water ideal for cooking, drinking, and bathing. So, call and book a consultation to improve your Denver, CO home’s water quality.

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