Myth: Reverse Osmosis Systems Waste Water


Extreme example of what we may be drinking.

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  One flush of a toilet puts as much water down the drain as the wastedischarge from a POU Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System making a Gallon of Pure Water. What many do not realize is the discharge is a concentration of insoluble Minerals, Metals, and Chemicals. Over 250 Million Americans have Hexavalent Chromium (the Erin Brockovich Contaminant) in their Municipal water supply. Many other Contaminants are also present, the Midwest may have Nitrates, the East Chemicals, the West Mining run-off, and all have Disinfection Byproducts. 


  Much of our Municipal water supplies are surface water sources. As such they are subject to Ditch, Road, Industrial, and Agricultural Contamination. Also, even the water we put down the drain is reused over and over by many Cities as it travels down a river. Some Communities even have Toilet to Tap Water Plants. The treated waste water is well processed, but there are many contaminants that are not completely removed. Such as certain Heavy Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Herbicides, Pesticides, Hormones, and Detergents. Is it not better to have a system to remove these impurities rather then our bodies doing it?


  A POU Reverse Osmosis System at least gives a measure of protection for the water a household consumes. For all the water that is used in a home, only about 1% is used for consumption. It may as well be as pure as possible!

By: Terry Hughes CWS CI

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