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     The Well Water here in Colorado is as varied as its landscape. While many here recognize the Aesthetic Water Problems such as Scale, Iron Staining, Acidic Water (low pH or Blue /Green Stains), or Odor. There are many other contaminates you can’t See, Taste, or Smell. Consider that millions of years ago, The Rockies had been a Geological Cauldron, Volcano’s, Eruptions, an Inland Sea. Consider all the Mining and Ore Smelting, the By-products of all this activity. The By-products Remain!

     From the North-West to the Eastern Plains of Denver; the water can have pockets of Extreme Hardness, Sodium, Sulfates, and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

     South of Denver may have pockets of Hardness, Iron, Sulfate Causing Bacteria (Rotten Egg Smell), Acidic Water (Blue/Green Stains which is Copper Oxide from your Copper Pipes Corroding), Turbidity (Suspended Colloidal Clay), or Coliform Bacteria.

     Now things get interesting!

     As we head into the Mountains; from Golden, thru Evergreen and Pine, over to Black Hawk and Breckenridge. Again; we have the usual, Hardness, Iron, Odor, Acidic Water, and possible Coliform Bacteria. But we also find pockets of Uranium, Radon, Lead, Mercury, Manganese, Selenium, and Nitrates!

     We take our business very seriously! We can test for a number of contaminates on site at NO CHARGE OR OBLIGATION! But some Contaminates need be tested for in a Certified Laboratory, at cost. Water Treatment is not a cookie cutter business. We are THE PROBLEM WATER EXPERTS of THE FRONT RANGE!  

  by Terry Hughes CWS         



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